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ELT Questionnaire List

Anxiety Questionnaire

Attitude (Student) Questionnaire

Attitude (Teacher) Questionnaire

Attitude in Using Audio-Visual Aids Questionnaire

Auditory/Visual Learners’ Questionnaire (2005)

Autonomy Questionnaire

Burn out-Teacher Questionnaire

Classroom Discipline Questionnaire (2015)

Classroom management Questionnaire

Communication Strategy Use Questionnaire (2011)

Composition scale Questionnaire

Computer attitude Questionnaire

Computer literacy Questionnaire

Confidence in Speaking

Corrective feedback perception Questionnaire

Critical thinking Questionnaire (Persian & English)

Culture perception Questionnaire Questionnaire

Demotivating factors for EFL Students’ Questionnaire

Discourse Completion Task

Emotional intelligence Questionnaire

Empowerment scale Questionnaire

English teacher linguistic identity Questionnaire

EQ test Questionnaire

Error correction Questionnaire

ESP questionnaire Questionnaire

Flow task perception Questionnaire

Identity processing style Questionnaire

Impulsivity/Reflectivity (Eysenck)

Intercultural competence Questionnaire

Job Satisfaction Questionnaire (1994)

Kinesthetic Learners’ Questionnaire (2005)

Language learning strategy Questionnaire

Language Teaching Conscience Questionnaire (Hamidi, 2016)

Learning Style Questionnaire

Locus of Control Questionnaire

Metacognitive Awareness Inventory (General)

Metacognitive Listening Strategy Questionnaire

Metacognitive Reading Strategy Questionnaire

Metacognitive Writing Strategy Questionnaire

Motivated Strategies for Learning Questionnaire (1990)

Motivation-Dornyei Questionnaire

Motivation-Gardner Questionnaire

Motivation to Teach (Hamidi, 2016)

Multiple Intelligences Questionnaire

Needs analysis Questionnaire

Negotiation Category (2015)

Parents’ Attitudes towards Children Homework (2012)

Parents’ Involvement Practices towards Children Homework (2012)

Personality-Eysenck Questionnaire

Podcast questionnaire Questionnaire

Pragmatic Competence Test (2005)

Productive and receptive tests Questionnaire

Reading attitude Questionnaire

Reading interest Questionnaire

Reading strategy use Questionnaire

Reflective Teaching Questionnaire

Reflective Thinking Questionnaire

Regulatory Scale (implicit)

Risk Taking Questionnaire (2006)

Self-assessment of listening Questionnaire

Self-efficacy for Students Questionnaire

Self-efficacy for Teachers Questionnaire

Self-esteem Questionnaire

Self-monitoring Paper

Self-monitoring Questionnaire (Hamidi, 2016)

Speaking Anxiety Questionnaire

Speaking Strategy Questionnaire

Student satisfaction Questionnaire

Successful teacher Questionnaire

Teacher Behavior Questionnaire (1998)

Teacher-learner expectation Questionnaire

Teacher-student grammar difficulty Questionnaire

Teacher belief Questionnaire

Teachers' Professional Development

Teachers’ self-assessed language proficiency Questionnaire

Teachers’ sense of efficacy Questionnaire

Teachers’ view over student learning Questionnaire

Test of pragmatic competence (2005)

Test anxiety Questionnaire

Visual Learners’ Questionnaire (2005)

Vocabulary learning strategy Questionnaire

Vulnerability to stress Questionnaire

Writing efficacy Questionnaire

WTC Questionnaire

4 Skills Evaluation

Speaking Assessment Rubric

Writing Assessment Rubric

Essay Writing Rubric

English Language Proficiency Test

IELTS Sample Test

IQ Test

Key English Test (KET); 2003 & 2009

MSRT (Iranian Test) 8 series

Nelson Test (language proficiency)

Oxford Placement Test (OPT)

Preliminary English Test (PET)

TOEFL Sample Test

English Textbook Evaluation Checklist

Cunningsworth (1995)

Daoud and Celce-Murcia (1979)

Miekley (2005)

Soori et al. (2011)

ELT Paper List


Classroom Management


Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL)

Corrective Feedback

Critical Discourse Analysis

Critical Thinking

Curriculum Development

Discourse Analysis

Extensive Reading

Fairness in Testing

Intensive Reading


Listening Skill

Learning Strategy

Motivation in Language Learning

Multiple Intelligences

Narrow Reading


Pragmatic Awareness

Questionnaire Making in ELT

Reading Comprehension

Reflective Teaching

Reflective Thinking

Research in ELT

Self-efficacy (Teacher and student)


Socio-cultural Theory

Speaking Anxiety

Speaking Oral Problems

Speech Production (Levelt)

Speaking Skill


Stress in Language Learning

Syllabus Design


Teaching Strategy

Textbook Evaluation

Vocabulary Learning

Vocabulary Learning Strategy

Vulnerability to Stress

Washback Effect

Willingness to Communicate (WTC)

Young Children


Gathered by Hadi Hamidi

Ph.D. in TEFL, USR, Tehran, Iran

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